Windows 2003 end of life

With the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 July 2015 end of life date fast approaching now is the time to show some love to your existing server infrastructure!

Microsoft has announced that the ‘End of Life’ for Windows Server-2003 will be 14th July 2015. This means that;

  • Security patches and updates will no longer be available for Windows 2003 and older servers will be more vulnerable to malicious attack
  • Once potential vulnerabilities are found, it will be easier to perform a malicious attack on multiple systems just by finding out they are running Windows 2003
  • If you have custom applications running on 2003, these will need careful consideration before migrating to a new platform

Do you have a Windows Server 2003 migration strategy?
With the average Windows Server taking over 200 days to migrate, now is the time to act and start planning for your migration.
Whether creating cloud services on-site, hybrid or data centre Talk Internet has the services to support our partners and customers alike.
Benefits include:

  • Low or non Cap-ex financial investment helping with cash flow on upgrades
  • Wide range of cloud offerings from single Virtual Servers to fully customisable Virtual Data Centres
  • Flexible licencing models including fixed and pay-as-you grow solutions


Cloud Computing
From streaming videos and sharing photos with people, to backup and online data storage, cloud computing is an inherent part of our daily lives.
With the roll out of superfast broadband connections, this has made remote data transfer far easier and cheaper than ever before. Often it is more effective to store data remotely, increasing the number of e-services and bringing a more collaborative process to the internet.
Through the cloud and the increasing mobility of computing technology people now expect to access data from anywhere at any time. For businesses the cloud has the potential to dramatically increase efficiencies and productivity while reducing costs. Simply put, it is a model for utilizing computing resources to do more with less, and it will be a fundamental tool in achieving future sustainability and growth.

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The Launch of Virtual Data Centre
The Talk Internet Cloud Virtual Data centre (VDC) Services platform is based on VMware’s industry leading vSphere and vCloud Director technologies, providing companies with a familiar and trusted environment with common management, performance, automation, and a robust and proven security model. Our VDC Services are architected on enterprise class servers, storage, switching, and tier 1 low-latency connectivity, all housed within fully redundant ISO certified data centres with audited procedural and security protocols designed to maximise uptime and discourage physical and virtual threats.

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