Talk Internet hosted cloud email

Moving part or your entire IT infrastructure to the Cloud can provide many benefits. In particular,moving e-mail to the Cloud can provide a quick win and deliver many advantages . Talk Internet has developed a new feature-rich solution that can help you in this area. Our Cloud-based e-mail platform allows an organisation and their users to have flexible control over their e-mail by offering a host of features such as: signatures, holiday messages and calendars, as well as significant advantages over a POP3 mail system.

Advantages over POP3

Talk Internet’s Cloud Mail can run on any secure Web browser or e-mail client on Windows, Apple and smart phone environments giving virtually anywhere access. It enables users to connect to their personal Cloud, sync e-mail and calendar items across all their devices with a smart mailbox that efficiently handles their activity streams from e-mail, voice and social networks.

Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with other applications and delivers a simplified Unified Communications experience that allows for the easy sharing of mail and calendar items across the organisation – helping to improve collaboration and productivity.

With easy administration from a single portal, once setup it allows control of domain and e-mail accounts with a variety of tools. The user can also set their own preferences for items like:themes, mail notification, request receipts, block messages, multiple signature setups, calendar and out of office notifications. In addition there are full folder sharing options for mail, calendar, contacts and tasks enabling increased collaboration between staff members.

Low monthly cost per user

Essentially, the Talk Internet hosted e-mail platform provides all the features of running an in-house e-mail platform but with none of the downsides. There is no need to invest in the capital required for hardware and software nor to maintain and backup the system and data on a regular basis. What is more by removing the single point of failure of an in-house system it offers greater reliability and provides the resilience to recover quickly from a disaster.

We can migrate existing e-mail accounts and data across within a matter of days. Furthermore, our secure platform allows connection from all devices all for a low monthly cost per user. So to find out more about how it can benefit you and your business, contact us today.