Switching Broadband to Talk Internet made much easier


Changes have recently come into force that now make it easier for millions of businesses to change their broadband provider to Talk Internet.

The process of switching between provider networks are now simpler and smoother enabling an easy transition. A new ‘one touch’ process will allow Talk Internet to control the entire migration process.

Clearing up confusion


Previously, clients wanting to change provider faced a number of different switching processes, depending on who they are moving from and to, and the type of service being switched.

Often clients have to contact their existing provider to obtain a code to give to their new provider. That process was sometimes confusing and time consuming and deters clients from moving.

New easy switching


Once the switching process is under way, the client will receive written confirmation from both the old provider and Talk Internet. If the client changes their mind, they can cancel the switch.

The new process takes 10 working days to complete.

Talk Internet will also keep records of each client’s consent to switch, to protect against ‘slamming’ – where a client’s supplier is changed without their knowledge or consent.

If you would like any more information about the new migration process please contact us on 01925 748443 or email sales@talkinternet.co.uk.