Solutions Overview: KYB

KYBAs one of the world’s largest suppliers of shock absorbers, KYB Europe GmbH provides world-class products and customer service across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With over 200 users across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Romania, KYB needed a fast, robust email system to replace their existing communication infrastructure.

With each country’s office working off a separate internet platform, there were plenty of areas in which the systems could be improved, including a way to overcome the language barriers.

Talk Internet worked with KYB to identify the best solutions and advise on how to implement a fundamental, but seamless change to its infrastructure. The initial consultation confirmed that Talk Internet had the experience, skills and professionalism to fulfil KYB’s brief and to offer additional functionality. Sue Clough from KYB said: “Talk Internet is extremely professional, supportive and easy to deal with during this complex analysis and the subsequent installation.”

A multinational powerhouse like KYB needs a rock-solid email solution, and Talk Internet installed a fully-managed Microsoft dedicated Exchange cluster. Utilising the Talk Internet VMware hosting platform, which includes the latest email technology and a dedicated customer SharePoint site, the new system now offers unparalleled support for all of KYB’s UK and European operations.

Talk Internet provided installation discs in the native language for each country, complete with detailed instructions and support, so that Microsoft Outlook could be simply installed each desktop and laptop. Each KYB office in the European arm is now securely connected with the dedicated email cluster, fully managed by Talk Internet.

On top of this, Talk Internet continue to provide 24×7 support and monitoring, allowing KYB to continue to grow, unhindered by failing technology and safe in the knowledge that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.