Mobile Office

Do you want to manage your communications easily and effectively across a range of devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets?

Can you currently guarantee that your workforce never miss a call, regardless of where they are?

Talk Internet’s VoIP Mobile Office suite allows every member of your staff to enjoy business-class calling features, including extension dialling, call hold, call transfer, conference calling, speakerphone, mute and voicemail access, directly from their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Remote and home workers can install the Mobile Office software directly onto their existing iPhone or Android devices and connect via Wi-Fi, so mobile operator fees are bypassed altogether. We can install Mobile Office as part of our VoIP service, with no connection or maintenance charges.

Features at a glance

  • Simple installation

    Mobile office introduces zero touch installation procedures that automatically pick up correct settings for your chosen device.

  • Clear, uninterrupted calls

    Calls utilise 100kb of bandwidth in both directions for clear communication.

  • Mobile VoIP

    Your employees can take and receive calls from anywhere with a broadband connection for truly flexible working, saving on office space and commute costs.

  • Total control

    We’ll provide an intuitive dashboard for you to manage your Mobile Office service.

  • Keep your current numbers

    You can port over all your existing numbers into the system, including mobile numbers, to ensure business continuity.

  • Monitoring and resilience

    The VoIP services are fully monitored 24 hours a day as well as being fully resilient and geographically redundant.

  • No hardware costs

    Your workforce use their existing phones, laptops and tablets, so no additional hardware, such as VoIP phones, is needed.

Mobile Office Comparison Chart

Options Android Mobile Office iPad / iPhone version Windows / MAC OS
Extension Dialling Yes Yes Yes
Primary or Secondary Device Both Both Both
Zero Touch Installation Yes Yes Yes
Call Hold Yes Yes Yes
Support for Plug and Play HID compliant devices No No Yes
Recent Call List Yes Yes Yes
Call Transfer and Conference calling Yes Yes Yes
Use with Toolbar No No Yes (windows only)

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