Email Spam and AV Filtering

Do you want to keep your network safe from harmful viruses and annoying junk email?

Have you got employees that click on fake phishing emails?

Talk Internet’s unique email content filtering system gives you total system security and peace of mind, protecting your email service and networks from destructive and costly viruses and spam attacks.

Talk Internet’s antispam and antivirus filtering service includes offsite scanning, so that the dangerous programmes and spam never actually come in contact with your system. Our own secure servers handle all of your inbound and outbound emails, checking their validity and processing them before they are delivered to you.

Features at a glance

  • Powerful antivirus protection

    Protecting against viruses phishing attacks that could make your system unstable or provide an access route for hackers to obtain data and other information from your systems.

  • Online web management access

    Offering different levels of administrative access. This can include the ability to schedule reports or alter rules and release quarantined messages.

  • Intelligent spam filters

    layered, multi-faceted approach to spam detection. The platform is not reliant on any one technology but instead combines multiple anti-spam methods together into one heuristic solution.

  • PCI Compliance

    The Mailguard Spam filter can intelligently spot correct 16 digit credit card numbers and block that email from being sent to ensure that your business adheres to essential legislation.

  • Offsite scanning

    Our unique antispam and antivirus scans emails away from your business, keeping it safe and freeing up your exchange server.

  • Complete support

    Talk Internet’s unrivalled technical support team are dedicated to assist you with any virus or spam queries you may have.

  • Reporting

    Extensive on-line reporting capabilities including summary and per user reports

  • Email digest report

    A report can be set up identify which emails have been blocked and why. From the report, your administrator can release messages with a single mouse click and confirm them as valid.

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