Sharedband Bonding

Do you need to increase slow, rural ADSL speeds?

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to private circuits?

Talk Internet’s Shareband service offers both value for money and enhanced functionality to standard broadband services. With both improved resilience and increased connection speeds of up to four times that of a single ADSL line, it eliminates singular points of failure on ADSL connections and smooths over line drops or fluctuations with the aggregation technology.

We can double your upstream and downstream bandwidth through Shareband aggregation, delivering greatly improved broadband performance and efficiency for your business. We will also install a full user interface for speed testing, load balancing and port redirections.



Features at a glance

  • Unbeatable speed

    Talk Internet’s Shareband solutions can produce speeds of up to four times that of a single ADSL line.

  • Cost efficiency

    Experience dedicated, resilient broadband speeds at a fraction of the cost of private circuits.

  • Total control

    Once we’ve supplied your bespoke Shareband bonding routers, we’ll install a full user interface for your specific requirements.

  • Flexible

    Our customised routers are compatible with ADSL, SDSL and Ethernet Leased Line solutions, supporting VoIP, VPN and port forwarding.

  • Business continuity

    If a single line fails, the advanced Shareband technology continues to deliver internet access to your business.

  • Resilience

    Aggregation occurs at the IP layer, allowing multiple internet service providers (ISPs) and wholesale infrastructures to be used.

2 ADSL Lines
3 ADSL Lines
4 ADSL Lines
ADSL And Ethernet
Download speed
Up to 20Mbps
Up to 20Mbps
Up to 20Mbps
Up to 60Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 1.5Mbps
Up to 2Mbps
Up to 2.5Mbps
Up to 20Mb
3rd party line support
Mix of ADSL and Ethernet
Number of IP's
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