Managed VPN/MPLS

Does your business need to safely send and receive data to remote computers and servers, in other offices or to home workers?

Do you need an expert provider to take over the management of the network to provide a secure and stable solution?

Talk Internet is dedicated to providing a full end-to-end MPLS VPN management solution, harnessing a range of Cisco MPLS VPN firewalls and routers to provide robust VPN connectivity, regardless of connection type or speed.

We can add our Managed MPLS VPN services to your existing ADSL, Ethernet, Sharedband or Leased Line connections. We will provide all the necessary MPLS VPN equipment pre-configured and ready for you to add into your network.

Features at a glance

  • Fully managed network

    Talk Internet will set up, manage and monitor your whole network, allowing employees to communicate securely from anywhere.

  • Security

    Using Cisco VPN firewalls and routers along with 24/7 monitoring, your network is safe and will achieve 99% uptime.

  • Simple installation

    We’ll deliver the pre-configured VPN equipment the next day, ready to use immediately.

  • Expert support

    Highly-trained support engineers are available to identify and fix issues as required.

  • Multiple Sites

    Meshed VPN available for multiple site routing, Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) fully supported. IPSEC and PPTP security options.

  • Backup connectivity

    We set up a secondary broadband or 3G connection as standard.

  • Reliability

    We provide multiple routers to serve as backup, meaning that your business can enjoy 99% uptime, in any circumstances.

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