Ethernet Connectivity

Does your business demand its own super-fast, business class connectivity to the internet?

Do you need secure Point to Point connections between your offices?

Talk Internet’s Ethernet Connectivity service provides your business with your own, dedicated connection to the internet. Ethernet Lines are superior to ADSL and are ideal if you need consistently high connectivity speeds with minimal downtime, meaning that the line is used exclusively for your traffic. The are Symmetric, meaning the upload speed is as fast as download speed.

The dedicated connection means that you can run web-intense applications, including VoIP, replication and web hosting services at speeds up to 1GB, either over fibre optic, EFM (Copper) or GEA (FTTC). Our Ethernet circuits can be bundled to include pseudowire and IPVPN services and offer a flexible range of customisation, including segmenting, bursting, flexing and point-to-point features. Your business can grow into the services as it needs them, paying for only what you use.

Features at a glance

  • Your own dedicated internet connection

    Faster, uninterrupted and secure internet access that won’t be affected by other users in your area.

  • Superior support

    Talk Internet’s enhanced SLAs mean that any issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently to keep your business online.

  • Connect to the internet or between premises

    Access the Internet via Talk Internet (Internet Ethernet), or establish a secure, high-speed connection between your premises (Point to Point Ethernet).

  • Offsite hosting

    Your Ethernet lines are terminated at our remote data centres, giving unparalleled access to any hosted services and servers.

  • Low Latency

    Reduced network hops mean faster and more reliable internet access at all times.

  • Flexible bandwidth

    Enjoy a high-capacity link to your own hosted network whilst retaining a set bandwidth speed to the internet.

Features and Options
Ethernet First Mile EFM
100Mbps Ethernet Line
 1Gb Ethernet Line
Copper (FTTC)
Bandwidth Options
10Mbps or 20Mbps (Distance Dependant)
Up to 35Mbps
(Distance Dependant)
Up to 100Mbps
in 5MB increments
Up to 1Gb
in 10Mb Increments
SLA and 24-7 fault repair
Resilience options
Single Circuit
Single Circuit
Optional dual circuit feed
Optional dual circuit feed
Number of external IPs
Online bandwidth stats
Online monitoring

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