Annex M Broadband

What could you do with even faster upload speeds?

Could your business benefit from an upgraded ADSL2+ service?

Talk Internet can provide your business with Annex M: the latest generation of broadband technology that allows for greater upload speeds as a bolt-on to our ADSL2+ products. Annex M can potentially increase upload speed to 2.5 Mb, and is available as an enhancement for those customers who could benefit from faster uploading, including remote workers, heavy email users and those who need to regularly upload large files.

Other reasons that businesses choose to upgrade to an Annex M connection include more effective video conferencing, more bandwidth for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls, and sending offsite backup information faster.

Features at a glance

  • Unbeatable speed

    Talk Internet’s Annex M connections boost upload bandwidth by up to 2.5Mb.

  • Simple set up

    Talk Internet can have an Annex M connection installed and working within 24 hours, if the service is available in your area.

  • Service provision

    With Annex M technology, you can enjoy an expanded range of services, including better video conferencing, more simultaneous VoIP calls and quicker off site backups.

  • 24-hour care

    Talk Internet offers enhanced care packages, providing truly 24/7 reporting for faults and fixes in just 20 hours.

  • Free migration

    Talk Internet supports the industry standard MAC process, making for simple broadband migration from your existing service provider.

  • Static and multiple IPs

    Simple-to-use static IPs are set up as standard, and we can add multiple IP addresses if you want to run multiple sites or ease traffic with the latest No-NAT technology.

  • Security

    With Talk Internet’s pre-configured firewalls and managed virtual private network (VPN) solutions to offer a suite of protection measures, your business can use the internet securely.

Features and Options
Annex M
Annex M Assured Rate
Download Rate (Up to)
Upload Rate (Up to)
Min. Upload Rate
Assured Packet Loss
< 1%
Assured Latency
< 80ms
Assured Jitter
< +- 45ms

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