3G / 4G Failover

Need to add redundancy to you ADSL connection?

Talk Internet Mobile failover adds resilience to all connectivity products offered from Talk Internet. Mobile failover adds a full continuity option using unique technologies.

Mobile failover works by adding a 3G/4G SIM card to a router that can then access the mobile network. Traditionally this type of failover would only serve to keep access to the internet alive, however with the Talk Internets Mobile Failover technology this option allows the transfer of the external IP address to the mobile network, ensuring that all services to your site remain active. For example inbound email on SMTP uses the external IP address, when switching to another connection the IP address would change and email would stop flowing to the business, with Talk Internet Mobile failover, this is no longer a problem.



Features at a glance

  • Business Continuity

    If there is a failure on the primary connection then the Mobile data unit is activated and continued internet access and IP address remains the same

  • Total Control

    Full user access to the online control panel for configuration and monitoring of the connections

  • Flexible

    The customised routers and SIM card data plans ensure that you are provided with the best possible solution to meet your requirements, with flexible options on 3G and 4G data cards available through Talk Internet.

  • Next Level Resilience

    with full aggregation at the IP layer then true independent connection resilience occurs, even without a wired connection, negating wiring, exchange issues and singular router failure.

  • Cost Effective

    Experience dedicated diverse connections with IPSLA resilience without the expense of private circuits.

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