Cloud Server Management

Do you want your off-site servers hosted and managed by technical experts?

Are you looking for a virtual server hosting service includes all software installation, configuration and monitoring?

When Talk Internet hosts your servers, you can benefit from substantial cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with outsourcing your server to a dedicated support team. The service will run your servers more smoothly, faster, more flexibly and with continuous patch management to reduce the threat of security vulnerabilities.

Cloud Server Management is a bolt-on service to Cloud Server Hosting, giving you full control of the virtual server, choosing their own operating system, software and hardware to be kept in secure locations for increased performance and uptime.

Features at a glance

  • Off-site servers

    Remove the worry from having to keep and maintain essential equipment and IT technicians on your own premises.

  • Maximum uptime

    Cutting-edge data and systems protection and rapid failure recovery to keep your business profitable.

  • Total flexibility

    Let us know what operating systems and software you want to use, or let us suggest the most suitable for your needs.

  • Secure backup

    All your data is backed up and kept completely secure without the need for expensive on-site backup solutions.

  • Patch Management

    The patch management service gives piece of mind that the server hosts the latest software, with all security vulnerabilities identified, patched and closed.

  • Complete control

    Monitor your service in real time, assured that any outages are monitored around the clock by a dedicated support team, with 24x7 monitoring and support for all managed servers.

  • Optimal performance

    Database administration ensures you server is performing optimally at all times through full database monitoring and problem solving.

Server Type Managed hardware environment Software Licensed Patch management Security Management Application Support Standard Monitoring Advanced Monitoring Database Administration (SQL / Exchange)
Dedicated Server * *       *  
Management for stand-alone server * * * * * * *
Management for SQL Server * * * * * * * *
Management for Exchange Server * * * * * * * *

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