Cloud Connect

Are you looking for secure dedicated connectivity to your public cloud provider?

With the ever increasing adoption of cloud services, the need for reliability and stable connectivity to these cloud platforms is becoming essential for most businesses.

Security, performance, and reliability is key for business-critical cloud connectivity. With no guarantees on internet traffic, businesses are looking at direct connectivity for critical cloud services to ensure the demands of their users are met.

Talk Internet’s cloud connect solution offers direct connectivity into the full range of public cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Services and Google cloud platforms.

Talk Internet’s advanced MPLS network provides private virtual connectivity directly into business-critical SaaS applications and cloud platforms. Having your own dedicated connection reduces latency, provides increased performance and is a more scalable way of accessing your cloud services.

Cloud Connect start’s from a single 50Mb port through to 10Gb redundant connectivity. All services are backed by our business SLA with 24×7 monitoring and online reporting.

Features at a glance

  • Cloud Providers

    Support for a range of Cloud providers including Talk Internet Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Services and Google cloud platforms.

  • One service multiple providers

    Connect to all your cloud providers through one service. No need to setup multiple independent connections.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce costs with fixed dedicated bandwidth to your chosen cloud providers

  • Secure

    Provide a more secure cloud environment by bringing your cloud services within your own network for business critical cloud applications.

  • Speed and performance

    Improve latency and performance with low latency dedicated connectivity from 50Mbps to 10Gb into your existing network.

  • Managed Solution

    Utilise Talk Internet expertise to provide a fully managed cloud connect network. All services include full SLA with 24x7 monitoring and online reporting.

Cloud Connect Single Port
Cloud Connect Dual port
50Mb - 100Mb
100Mb - 10Gb
Through existing connectivity or data centre services
Through existing connectivity or data centre services
Full Managed
Online Reporting
Multiple Ports
Data Centre Diversity

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