Partner Case Study: Wired IT Services

Wired IT Services offers business software solutions that are hosted on the Internet. This delivers the functionality organisations need to run their business but without having to understand and be responsible for IT. Depending on your size it comes in two offerings.

Wired Entrepreneur is a service aimed at business with less than 10 users and offers a complete IT solution. No more contacting multiple companies to solve a single problem. No more wading through the instruction manual before you can get on with your work. We deal with the intricacies of the technology while you focus on running your business.

Wired Everywhere is a service aimed at businesses with less than 100 users. Companies of this size often have multiple offices and the problems of sharing information. They have real complexity but do not have the budget to have an IT team. They need to have reliable and predictable IT systems that will not let them down. Wired Everywhere is the answer to all of these questions offering an integrated, reliable, flexible IT service which provides all of the features needed by any business.

Talk Internet profile

Talk Internet specialises in providing Internet based voice and data solutions to businesses through channel partners. Their services include – connectivity from dial-up to leased lines, Spyware and Web content filtering, off site backup, co-location and hosting, all of which are supported by their in-house, 24 hour technical support team. They have 6000 customers in the UK and turnover £1 million across four sites – two in Manchester, one in Warrington and
one in London.

Wired IT’s business challenge

To support their business model, Wired IT Services needed to partner with an organisation that could provide carrier-neutral co-location space for the servers that their customers depended on for their business applications. Although they were already using another organisation for this, they were unhappy with the inflexibility of the arrangements for accessing their servers.

The Talk Internet solution

After discussing their problem with Talk Internet, Wired IT Services were delighted to be offered a dedicated rack within the Talk facility at their Manchester Data Centre, which can house up to 10 servers. This is a secure caged area, in Reynolds House on Manchester Technopark. It offers: n+1 UPS & generator power protection, non-destructive fire protection systems, 24/7 manned security, technical support, alongside a wide choice of flexible bandwidth options.

“Our customers are dependent on us for the applications and data that their businesses need to survive. So it is important that our technical staff can have secure access to our equipment 24/7/365. This allows them to configure our servers and sort out problems when they arise, not when it is convenient to someone else. With the Talk Internet service we can now offer our customers the highest level of support.”

Andrew Beesley – Managing Director Wired IT services

The Results

The dedicated and secure rack space provided by Talk Internet for Wired IT Services has enabled them to continue to grow their business and offer the high level of customer support that is required for such a business model. In addition the extensive portfolio of services that Talk offers will enable Wired to meet the needs of their customers as they continue to evolve.

“The co-location service we provide enables organisations like Wired to take full advantage of the enormous investment needed to create such a secure environment without any of the associated costs. They can get on with the task of running their business without having to worry about the location.”

Simon Jones – Managing Director Talk Internet