Partner Case Study: Vixsoft Systems

Vixsoft Systems, based in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, are a successful single source solution provider for the freight, haulage, cold storage and funeral director industries.

Established since 1981 the company has grown steadily to service over 300 customers in the UK, Ireland and several areas of Europe. The philosophy behind Vixsoft is to provide its customers with a total solution for software, hardware and associated services. This approach ensures that should a problem occur the customer has only to contact Vixsoft for them to take total responsibility for fixing the issue, removing the headache from the customer. Such a customer-centric approach has been one of the major factors underpinning Vixsoft’s success to date.

With the increase in importance of the Internet to its customers, and the need to integrate Internet and telephony services with its existing range of solutions, Vixsoft was keen to find a partner that could provide the range of services and high level of quality that its customers had come to expect from them.

After a thorough review of the partnership schemes available, Vixsoft chose Talk Internet to provide their customers with Internet and telephony services. Colin Cox from Vixsoft explained the reasons behind this decision: “We were looking to partner with an organisation that could not only provide a high quality service and nationwide coverage, but also was not too large to have a human face. Where Talk Internet scored over the opposition was their ability to provide a personal response to the requirements of our customers, rather than a “one-size fits all” approach. This ensures that we can continue to provide high-quality and seamless solutions.”

He continued:
“Partnering with Talk Internet has enabled us to continue to provide the total solution and ensured that we can provide a “one-stop-shop”.”