Mailgate Control Panel User Guide

Accessing the Mailgate Interface

To access the Mailgate interface, you must use your web browser to go to the address supplied to you. You will be presented with a login page like the one below:


Enter the details supplied to you when your email hosting was set up.

Once logged in you will be displayed the User Interface for your domain.


Domain Aliases

Domain aliases allow you to have multiple domains pointing to the all of the same mailboxes. This is particularly useful when you have multiple domain names for your company.

To add a new domain alias enter in the domain name that you wish to map onto the account, and click the ‘Add Alias’ button.


To remove a domain alias, click ‘Delete Domain Alias’ and then click OK on the confirmation box to remove the alias.

Email Mailboxes

Email mailboxes are the actual accounts from which people will be collecting mail.


To add a new mail account, enter the ‘local part’ under the username field. The local part is the name before the ‘@’ symbol in the email address. (I.e. enter john if the email is going to be Next enter a password for this account and click ‘Add User’.

To edit the password for the account, you can click the ‘Edit Password’ link to the right-hand side of the email account.

To delete the email mailbox, click the ‘Delete User’ link, and then click OK to confirm.

Warning: This will delete ALL messages currently in the mailbox.

To access the account via Webmail, click the ‘View Mailbox’ link. This will automatically log you in to the webmail system as that user.

Email Aliases

An email alias is an alternative name for an email address. For example, to point emails for to the mailbox, you would add an alias for john.smith.


To add an alias, enter the alternative name in the first (local part) field.

Note: Only enter the local part and not the full email address in this field.

Next, enter the destination. The destination must be the full email address and does not have to be a local address. (I.e. can be an email address elsewhere). Click the ‘Add Alias’ button.

To modify an existing alias, click the ‘Edit Alias’. Make your modifications, then click the ‘Save’ button.

To remove an alias click the ‘Delete Alias’ link. Click ‘OK’ to confirm. Global Redirects Global Redirects allow you to direct all mail for any address, with the exception of any existing accounts that you have. It is often known as a ‘catch all’ mailbox.

For example, you have 1 mailbox for, another for, and any address to go into the mailbox.

Your domain must be setup with Global Redirects enabled for this to work.

To add a global redirect, add an alias with a local part of ‘*’ and destination as the email address you wish to be the ‘catch all’ mailbox. Click ‘Add Alias’ and your global redirect will be active with immediate effect.