Mailgate Control Panel Administration Guide

Accessing the Mailgate Interface

To access the Mailgate interface, you must use your web browser to go to the address supplied to you. You will be presented with a login page like the one below:


Enter the details supplied to you when your server was set up.
Once logged in, you will be presented with a list of accounts that are currently active. If this is the first time you have logged in, you may not have any accounts in the list. This list contains users that are allowed to login to the web interface.


Adding a new domain

To add a new domain, navigate to the ‘add’ link and enter the following:

  • Domain NameThe domain name you wish to accept mail for.
  • PasswordThis can be used to login as a user on the mailgate interface to administer the domain

(add, change, remove email accounts and aliases).

Once a domain has been created it will appear in the administration list, the account is instantly active with the username and password specified when the account was created.



Before the new account can begin accepting mail for this domain, the account needs to beconfigured to accept mail locally (POP3) or alternatively, sent to external host (SMTP Feed). Click on the ‘Setup Email’ link to begin configuration.

Setup Email

To configure a new account you need to enter the following:

TypeSelect whether this is a local delivery (POP3) account, or an SMTP feed.

No. Email AccountsSelect number of email accounts allowed on this domain

Global Redirect AllowedSelect whether to allow global redirects (Disabled by default)

SMTP Feed HostHostname or IP address of remote server to send mail to (Only applies if ‘SMTP Feed’ is selected in the above ‘Type’ section)

Password This can be used to login as a user on the mailgate interface to administer the domain

(add, change, remove email accounts and aliases).

Anti-Virus (Ironguard) FilteredOnly applicable if this specific domain is scanned by Talk Internet’s Anti-Virus service

Once an account has been successfully configured, a brief overview will be displayed on the main screen along with links to mange either the POP3 boxes or the SMTP feed. The main account username and password can also be altered from this screen using the Edit button.

Note: You are not able to modify the domain name.

To delete a domain, click the ‘Delete’ link on the right-hand side of the domain in the list. Click OK to confirm you wish to delete the domain.

Account Management

As a server administrator you have access to modify all domains, email accounts and SMTP feeds. You can also give your customers access to this interface, which enables to add, change and remove email accounts, aliases and holiday messages. Clients will need to login with their domain name and password which you should have already assigned to them.





Here you can create a new POP3 mailbox under the selected domain:



Select Add to create a new account. You will be asked for the first part of the email address, ie. ‘joe.bloggs’ – if you wanted an account creating for ‘’




Once you’re happy with the details, click the ‘Add Mailbox’ button to submit the request. The new account will now show on the main screen.


If you wish to make any changes in the future you can use the links as detailed on the main screen.

Holiday MessageAll emails will automatically be replied to with the message you state. All receivd mails will still be retained in the mailbox.

View MailboxOpens the mailbox in webmail, idle to view mail sat in the mailbox.

Modify PasswordChanges the password for the selected account.

DeleteRemoves the mailbox and all mail currently sat in the account.

User Aliases

User Aliases are a useful of linking email addresses to other mailbox names under your domain, can be sent to and – if required you can also forward email to any external email address, a hotmail address for example.


Add a user alias click the ‘add’ button. You will be asked for the local part before your domain name, for example ‘joe’ – it will also be necessary to specify the delivery address, simple enter the FULL address, for example ‘’

Global Redirects

Global Redirects allow you to direct all mail for any address, with the exception of any existing accounts that you have.

For example, you have 1 mailbox for, another for, and any address to go into the mailbox.

A domain name must be setup with Global Redirects enabled for this to work.

Please Note: You can only send mails from valid mailboxes on your server. If you have a global redirect enabled and setup for a domain,you will be able to send from any address@yourdomain, regardless of whether a mailbox has been setup for that address.