Broadband Getting Started

The following sections lead you through the initial steps to connect your Broadband equipment and configure them to your Talk Internet Broadband Service.

Before starting please ensure you have all relevant items supplied with your broadband router and your Talk Internet broadband username and password to hand. These are supplied by email setup confirmation and can also be found by logging in to the Partner Portal.

Talk Internet supply a preconfigured router that you can plug straight as in most cases the configuration would have been done for you. We supply 2 ADSL filters with the router each phone, sky box, FAX machine etc. will need one of these to filter the broadband signal. Connect an ADSL filter to a phone socket nearest to the router location and then connect the router to this filter. Computers should be set to get an IP address by DHCP (Automatic). Your wireless network name and security code are provided with the router on a plastic card and printed on the label on the bottom of the router.


Manual Configuration Guide

Connect a PC or laptop by placing the supplied Ethernet cable in the back of the PC and the other end of the cable into one of the ethernet ports (Yellow) located at the rear of the router.

Plug the power cord into the router and press the Black power on button at the rear. The boot process takes 2-3 minutes and is available when the ‘Internet’ light turns red or green.

The router has DHCP enabled by default so reboot your laptop or PC to obtain an IP address from the router. Alternately this can be achieved by ensuring that your network interface is enabled for DHCP and opening a command prompt and type ipconfig /Renew. Once completed you can see your current IP allocation by opening a command prompt and Typing ipconfig /all

The default IP address of the router is Open a web browser and type to present the router login screen:

Your username and password would have been provided to you in the setup confirmation email sent seperately and will also be provided with the router hardware.

On entering the correct credentials you will be presented with the router’s main configuration page:

From here you can navigate around the web interface of the router. Primarily you need to configure the ADSL PPP Username and password by using theconfiguration wizard To access the configuration wizard click on the left hand menu on the option for Technicolor Gateway and under the HeadingPick a task select Setup my Technicolor Gateway

You will be prompted with the setup start screen:

Click Next

Select the ADSL (Standard) option as highlighted in the diagram and click Next

Ensure that the VPI/VCI field is set to 0.38 and the connection type is set to PPPoA (UK Default) then enter the credentials provided with your confirmation setup email in the user and password fields. Once completed, select Next.

Enter your router login details (ensuring that you note them down for future reference) then click Next.

Configure your wireless name (SSID), security type and encryption to your preference and select Next

The final wizard setup page will display a summary of the options selected. Select Start to complete the wizard and configure the router for internet access.

Select Finish to complete the setup wizard.

You are now successfully connected to the internet and the broadband connection page will display your connection details.